Dmitry Zhitov COVID-19 POLICY


The health, welfare and safety of my clients and staff is the number one priority for me (Dmitry Zhitov). As the Government has moved from containment to delay phase, I am taking a number of steps to safeguard my customers, to minimise the risk of transfer of the virus.


During the session I will keep over 6 feet distance between me and my client. If you feel more comfortable I will wear face mask too. Also please do not be offended if I don’t shake your hand on arrival. This all measures are necessary to ensure your and my safety.   

I will be contacting all my clients the day before the photo shoot to check if you are well, and to let you know if I am well too, and not at risk of passing virus.  If you need to self-isolate then you are welcome to postpone your shoot until after your safe period.

To protect customers I reserve the right to cancel or postpone any pre-booked photography service should it be deemed to have risk of transferring the COVID-19 virus. The cancellation would result in any deposits being returned to the customer. The cancellation or postponement cannot result in the customer seeking any compensation from Alicja Korbinska Photography.

The customer has the right to cancel a booked photography service should they be affected by COVID-19 or have concerns relating to it, and get refunded for any deposits made. A cancellation due to COVID-19 will not incur any of the penalties, which are otherwise in effect from the normal Terms & Conditions.

I, Dmitry Zhitov cannot be held liable for any failure by venues or person to practice risk reduction strategies relating to minimizing risk of transfer of COVID-19.

I, Dmitry Zhitov will comply with Government legislation and regulations relating to COVID-19.

Remember this will pass, but don’t let the moment pass by you…

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